Happy Holidays from the Brotherhood of Appreciating Repeal Day!

Happy Holidays from the Brotherhood of Appreciating Repeal Day!
email repealdaypa@gmail.com for information

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

We are getting ready.

We are planning a few new fun things for this year's event but here is the early facts about the event December 5th.

The "BOARD" of the Shenango Valley is happy to announce...their 2008
Charity Repeal Day Celebration with all proceeds benefiting the
Shenango River Watchers.


2nd Annual Charity Repeal Day Celebration and Beer Tasting.


Friday, December 5th The Beer taste will from 6 to 9pm with a cash
bar open later.


The Corinthian, Downtown Sharon, PA


The event will raise money for the Shenango Valley River Watchers
while promoting an appreciation for fine craft beers made available
through local beer distributors and microbreweries.


The BOARD (The Brotherhood Of Appreciating Repeal Day)
The history behind the BOARD...

The B.O.A.R.D. is a loosely affiliated fraternal organization founded
by a small group of friends who enjoyed good beer and good times with
higher a goal to make Repeal Day an annual celebration with a noble
cause. Vsit our website at http://www.repealday.blogspot.com

Repeal Day marks the repeal of the 18th amendment to our constitution,
representing the end of a 13 yearlong ban on the manufacture, sale,
and transport of alcoholic beverages in the United States. With the
help of several local distributors and microbreweries, we have put
together Western PA's second annual Repeal Day celebration since 1933.
Participants will enjoy samples of a wide array of craft brews poured
by experts that pride themselves on the craft. Live music from two
different bands, a light dinner, and a silent auction of beer
paraphernalia will provide diversions for all.

The Shenango River Watchers are a non-profit watershed group founded
to clean up, preserve and protect the environmental, scenic and
recreational attributes of the Shenango River. For more information
about the River Watchers visit their website at

For more information please feel free to contact the BOARD via email
at repealday@gmail.com.


Rob Rainier said...

Gotch and Crew - young Rat Rainier checking in here from the "evil land of Cleve". You guys have a great thing going and a real cool blog spot. Last week I was browsing thru some random posts that you guys have published over the past year or so - I must say I was impressed. Great beer, great people, and all for a great cause on December 5th. Nicole and I will see you there (I invited my sister and brother-in-law as well)! Until then,

Rob Rainier (Sam Adams)

Jay C said...

Save me two tickets and I'll prepay as to not freak out John Mac.